Pharmatask is powered by a wide range of software capabilities that ensure high performance, reliability, and superlative user experience.

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Data Discoveries

With traditional analytics tools, business users have to wait for weeks and analysts would have to write complex codes and macros in order to conduct deep analytics. Pharmatask incorporates a neat and reliable business intelligence architecture that helps any user, not just data experts, to easily gain deep insights from the data available. Users can integrate data from a wide range of sources, conduct in-depth analysis and easily visualize trends and outliers and share results with their team, all in a matter of minutes.

Data Visualizations

We understand that business decision makers have very little time with them and the effects of decisions made within few seconds can lead to long-term impact for the business. Pharmatask’s utilizes an optimized color scheme and deploys a broad range of charts, graphs, and tables that aid users to easily detect trends, patterns, and correlations.

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Mapping Software

As you expand your business across geographies, a robust mapping software becomes indispensable. Pharmatask deploys a fast, easy-to-use, and powerful mapping software to deliver novel features such as territory planning, tour planning etc.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Get information when you need it, where you need it. With Pharmatask, all dashboards and reports are automatically mobile optimized. The product is designed to provide easy usability and a seamless and consistent user-experience across all iPad and Android devices.

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Mobile reporting

There is a definite improvement in productivity with mobility. Pharmatask’s mobile reporting is not merely an SMS reporting system. What we provide is a state-of-the-art native mobile app reporting, with all feature of tab reporting supported in it.

Survey Analysis

Analyse and assimilate the information collected through surveys and share it with relevant users. Pharmatask supports modules for all standard surveys taken by field force and optimized for tablet and mobiles.

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